About Us

The Community Mortgage Network was developed to meet the needs of independent community banks and small financial institutions. We can help your organization transfer our success into your success.

The focus of Community Mortgage Network is to bring the products of big lenders to the customers of smaller institutions and provide the same customer service that one would expect from a smaller financial operation.

Community Mortgage Network has developed quality easy-to-use training materials that will educate your personnel about important topics ranging from origination and processing mortgage loans to building realtor networks and marketing your mortgage operation within your local markets.

We provide top quality servicing and want your bank to consider our servicing department as a branch of your own organization. In the event your customers have loan servicing related questions, our business model provides you the ability to continue the relationshp after the loan has been made.

A Secondary
Market Mortgage Operation

Community Mortgage Network is a secondary market mortgage operation serving independent community banks and financial institutions in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, and Southeastern regions of the U.S.

Top Quality Servicing

We provide top quality service and want your financial institution to consider our servicing department as an extension of your lending team.

Experience & Knowledge

The Community Mortgage Network staff has the experience and the knowledge to provide top quality service to your financial institution and clients.